Eager + Co.mmunity

A platform that gives local people the tools to create sustainable products and connects them with buyers in the local community.

The platform (website/app) provides sustainable product makers with instructions, easy access to supplies, education and support to create their own sustainable low waste products (for example laundry detergent, cleaning spray).

We make it easy for the buyers to connect with local sellers through our marketplace, providing assurance that their purchase are funding the local community, are sustainable but also providing them with a quality product they need.



Eager + Co.mmunity

At the moment, buying sustainable products requires a certain level of education (what does zero waste/plastic free/eco/carbon neutral even mean?), can be overwhelming and intimidating, is time-intensive to educate yourself on products (either bought or made yourself), and/or they cost significantly more than the less-environmental options. Challenging the idea that sustainability and sustainable living is intimidating and inaccessible to the majority of people - which is fundamentally not sustainable - is where my concept comes in.

In supporting a community of “makers”, we provide a platform not only inclusive of instructions, education and easy access to supplies, we promote and encourage them to produce low cost, environmentally friendly products that people need and offer a platform for distribution. 

The consumer community can use the marketplace to find locally sourced products that they can trust are sustainable without having to do the research themselves. With online purchasing, delivery options or local pickup it saves them time and makes them feel good in the knowledge that they are helping the community.

The end goal is to empower and motivate all users to continue to live sustainably and ultimately break the stigma that being sustainable or environmentally friendly is anything but an accessible way of life.


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