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About | Sarah Eager

I am a business consultant and sustainability communicator based in Berlin. I work with start-ups, companies, individuals and artists to design and develop business plans, strategies and project manage implementation. As a writer and workshop facilitator, I create engaging written content and tailor-made workshops which communicate complex subjects in an accessible and fun way.


I have an Executive MBA, a Bachelor in Renewable Energy Engineering and a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Environmental Studies, further adding to my background and knowledge of the sustainability, energy sector and business. With over 10 years in the industry, I have extensive experience working within corporate social responsibility, energy, built environment, construction and infrastructure sectors. From my studies and work history combined with my analytical and problem-solving skills, I am able to produce effective market reports, accurate trend forecasts and comprehensive white papers for companies.


I’m passionate about leaving the world a better place and am driven to help people and companies come up with creative, innovative and sustainable solutions. 


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